Through a partnership between the State of South Carolina and the SC Technical College System, there are highly renowned programs that can help recruit and train talent to meet the needs of any company.

Incumbent Worker Training Program

Funds may be available to train current employees to meet changing skill requirements due to new technology, restructuring, new product lines and other factors. An employer match is required. Funding priority is given to training that will lead to significant upgrades in employee skills or wages that will result in layoff aversion and better retention opportunities. Funding for this program is allocated annually.

On The Job Training Program

On-the-job training provides wage or salary reimbursement from 50-90% (depending on the size of the business) to compensate for costs associated with training new employees. The percentage and length of reimbursement vary based on the size of the company, the specific skills to be acquired for the job and the local workforce area.

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With most services provided for free, readySC is flexible and quick to respond with customized staffing strategies for businesses moving or expanding here. They help with recruitment, curriculum design, instructors, training sites and project management processes—and support local area companies such as The Ritedose Corporation, Nephron Pharmaceuticals, and Michelin North America.


Apprenticeship Carolina

With more than 1,000 occupations represented, this earn-while-you-learn program provides a pipeline for skilled workers plus tax incentives for employers. Apprentices also attend classes and earn degrees and certifications through technical college programs.

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