With over $1.4 billion invested in Columbia over the past 5 years, the word is out: our city is a great place to do business.

Columbia Economic Development (CED) serves as a catalyst for businesses, developers, investors and partner agencies who are focused on growing the local economy and high-value industries. We are a community collaborating to support an innovation economy based on technology and talent. We have the knowledge and resources to help your business succeed. It goes beyond a skilled workforce, prime location and high quality of life. Columbia Economic Development is ready to help.

How We Help

Site identification and site visits, workforce needs, strategic planning, analysis, funding and incentives, entry into new markets or creation of new partnerships - don’t hesitate to ask how our office can help you. Click here to access our contact us form, or contact any of our team members directly.

Our Team

Ryan Coleman


Brenda Jones

Office Manager