Columbia Economic Development Launches Ambassador Pilot Program

What: The City of Columbia Economic Development Office’s Ambassador Pilot Program will launch August 19th at 12 p.m. to provide insight into Columbia’s unique mix of careers, community, and culture while also highlighting the work of growing and diversifying the city’s economy.

In numerous successful cities and business districts across the globe, we see how communities are leveraging ambassador programs to attract and retain next generation talent while inspiring young professionals, business owners and major corporation with a stronger sense of civic pride and involvement. We are excited to launch this new Ambassador Program as a means to help expand the City’s economic development marketing efforts.

“Our ambassadors will be able to tell the story of our City from their own perspective. We’ll get to see what they do during their professional lives when they ‘Clock in for work’ as well as what they enjoy about our City when they ‘Clock out.’ Also, Columbia is a great place for people looking to start and grow their businesses, so we want to leverage this new program as a way to help get the word out!” said Ryan Coleman, Director of Columbia Economic Development.

Because economic development touches every industry and corner of our community, this ten-month program will feature five diverse and experienced professionals from a variety of business sectors to help maximize engagement and help spread the word about all the businesses and amenities our city has to offer.

Business located in the city limits interested in utilizing our ambassadors can request them by calling 803-734-2732 or via email at Nyeisha.dease@columbiasc.gov.

The City of Columbia Ambassadors include Canaan Reese, Cruze Bailey, Kenisha Frinks, Jamarcus Little, and Laura Watford, with all photos and content captured by LaShay Price Photography.

Who: Mayor Steve Benjamin, City Council Members, Columbia Economic Development Department and Members of the Ambassador Program

When: Thursday, August 19 at 12 p.m.

Where: City Hall, Third Floor Council Chambers, 1737 Main St., Columbia, SC 29201