RESOURCE: Interactive Open Business Map

In an effort to assist businesses in the community during COVID-19, the City of Columbia’s Economic Development Department has partnered with GIS Planning on the launch of ZoomBusiness, an interactive online map that displays businesses operating during the pandemic.

By working with all six of our local business associations (Devine, Five Points, Main Street, North Columbia, Rosewood, and The Vista) we’ve taken our open business listing and merged it with our Available Sites map to create a list of Open Businesses and Healthcare Facilities, sorted by sub-categories such as restaurants, grocery stores, banks, retail, services, hospitals, and walk-in clinics.

Businesses not currently listed on the site can add themselves easily in a matter of minutes by following this link, or using the “Add a Business” button in the top right corner of the webpage.

Citizens can utilize the business listing or select them from the map to find more information about their hours of operations, any changes in service level, or to go directly to their website.